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Distribution of Afghanistan’s doctors is the future of medicine.

Distribution of Afghanistan’s doctors is the future of medicine.

Distribution of Afghanistan's doctors is the future of medicine.
Distribution of Afghanistan’s doctors is the future of medicine.

Distribution of Afghanistan’s doctors is the future of medicine.
Hakeem Al Miwat Qari Muhammad Younis Shahid Mayo

Indigenous medicine is a transparent fountain. Its every drop is nectar. Its name is transparent. Medicine is the priceless gift of nature which has always been represented by people who have complete faith in religion. It is the payment of religious rituals. I was very firm. The piety and purity were strong. Those whose diagnosis was the best, the treatment was unchanged. They had

excellent expertise in the matter of diseases and treatment.
Even today, medicine is in the hands of such people who claim to be religious. In Muslim countries, where the imam of the mosque used to meet the needs of the sweeper, a few vials used to be the glory of the room. There was stuff. Ever since the theory of single organs, which is a method inspired by Hazrat Sabir Multani, and it was brought out by his students with their lives and blood, then what happened? It felt that – we are not the same. Every prescription is a target.
When it was published, a Hakeem Mohammad Aziz Naqshbandi Sahib from Buner contacted and provided details about the Hakims of Afghanistan (He has his own pharmacy and hospital-like institution in Buner Mela Ground Swari, his name is “Kanz-ul-Hikmat” in Pashto language). The WhatsApp Guru is also working, in which there are a large number of rulers of Afghanistan (Islamic State of Afghanistan). There are a large number of our students in Afghanistan. They also contact us when necessary. Hearing the name of Afghanistan, the concept of an Islamic society emerges. Through the media. The news that circulates from
Disease of doctors.

The disease that has hollowed out the medicine and doctors of Pakistan and India (sectarianism) is present in Afghanistan under the name of Qari Shafiullah Group. Abdullah Shamorzai. I am very sad to hear. Both the groups have been busy with the struggle to give legal status to the organs of the government since time. One thing has been decided that both of them are trying to provide legal legitimacy to the doctors and the people by making the government towards indigenous medicine. Thus, the power that should have united is busy dividing and dividing its collective. While the benefit lies in the unity.

Faction of doctors of Pakistan

This disease is also present in the doctors of Pakistan and India. They are divided into factions. They are sincerely engaged in the protection of individuals, organizations and interests. This is the situation of the leaders, but the superficial minded people who are in the form of rulers are the blood of these factions. All of them claim that they are engaged in the service of medicine. The general thinking of doctors does not go beyond the official permission to write physician or hakim on an official cover and letter pad.
The concept of such a medical service is an illusion.
If the aim is to serve medicine, then anyone who does good work should be supported and not pulled by its strings. Of course, there are people who are involved in the medical field without showing off, in the people of God. There is respect for them. Some people are impersonators. And there are others in the form of doctors. Sincere people are busy in work, while one group is busy in winding up interests. That is, trying to cover their body by stringing these scissors more and more with the body of medicine. I am busy.

Otherwise, as many people as are related to medicine in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. Those institutions are colleges. Or pharmacies. Do not influence the words of the relatives. I am surprised when a ban is imposed by the government or relief is given to doctors. The reaction of drug sellers in the form of doctors is visible. Everyone is in need of insight. A doctor does not need anyone, but everyone needs a doctor. Every society puts an expert and wise man in the spotlight. But fraudsters play with people’s trust in the name of a doctor in disguise.

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